Mokabon wins Golden Boon Award for Best Coffee

Mokabon wint Gouden Boon Award voor Beste Koffie

A city steeped in history and culture, Ghent is home to a vibrant hospitality scene. Every year, the 'Night of the Catering Industry' brings together the crème de la crème of Ghent's food and beverage establishments for a grandiose award show. This year, however, was extra special for Mokabon, which won the prestigious Golden Boon Award for the best coffee in Ghent .

For more than 85 years, Mokabon has left its mark on Ghent's coffee culture. It is a place where tradition, quality and the art of coffee-making come together. Winning the Golden Bean is not only a recognition of Mokabon's excellence, but also a celebration of the commitment to preserving the essence of this authentic coffee shop.

Mokabon's victory is a testament to the timeless appeal of traditional and artisanal coffee. Despite the emergence of new trends and innovative approaches to coffee, Mokabon has retained its own unique place, rooted in the rich traditions of coffee roasting.

The top 3 of the best coffee shops in Ghent was not an easy race, with strong competition from other great coffee shops. In second place was " Take Five ", a fantastic espresso bar and a place known for its contemporary approach to coffee. In third place we find WAY , a specialty coffee shop and roastery that leads the way with innovative methods, a contemporary atmosphere and excellent coffees.

The fact that Mokabon came out on top shows that there is room for both traditional and contemporary approaches to coffee in Ghent. It is a city that embraces diversity and where gastronomic traditions go hand in hand with new trends.

best coffee in ghent award

As owners of Mokabon, we can only be proud and express our gratitude to the dedicated staff and our loyal customers who have supported the coffee business over the years. “This is not just our victory; it is a victory for everyone who is part of the Mokabon family and for all those who believe in the power of a good cup of coffee.”

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