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A blend of Robusta and Arabica

Arabica beans from Central and South America, Robusta beans from Africa. Because of the Robusta beans, the taste is sharper and more bitter than 100% Arabica coffee. Contains twice as much caffeine.
Weight: 250gr
Grind level: Coffee beans

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Mokabon koffie Mokka


250gr / Coffee beans

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Flavour profile

The unique blend of Robusta beans from India and Arabica beans from Central and South America offers an unforgettable taste experience. Taste the light sweetness that comes from the carefully selected Arabica beans, while the powerful Robusta beans add a sharp and bitter undertone. This balanced composition provides a flavorful and satisfying coffee experience that will awaken your senses. What distinguishes the Mocha blend is the high caffeine content, which is no less than twice as high as regular coffee. This makes it the ideal choice for those who need a real pick-me-up to start the day or to overcome a moment of fatigue.

Quality coffee, composed with care

Freshness is our top priority. That is why we package our coffee beans with the same dedication with which we roast them. We process every order with love and ship it carefully. So you can always enjoy fresh coffee at home. With every sip, you can taste the craftsmanship and love we put into it.

The hand of the roast master

Creating the right balance in every coffee blend is the beginning of a true love story. A story that starts with the choice of the right beans, carefully selected from the most exotic corners of the world. Merging the different coffee bean varieties, with respect for their origin, is an art that results in a blend in which the unique taste of each bean blends harmoniously.

Our coffees

Fresh coffee, week after week

Every week, under the skilled eye of our roaster, the coffee beans are carefully treated. With the passion and love of a craftsman, the coffee is roasted using the slow roast method, an approach that requires time and patience. By using this gentle roasting method, we preserve the subtle characteristics of the coffee bean.

Roasting process